Experiential events can help your company promote its goodwill and inspire employees to get involved.

Resident events

One of the best resident events ideas is to hold a lip-syncing contest.

With lip-syncing contests, residents can compete in different categories and compete for prizes. Another fun event idea is to have residents make a playlist of their favorite songs.

Resident events can be organized for residents of different ages. For example, a movie night is a good idea. The movie should be family-friendly.

A pet adoption or puppy play date is another idea. You can invite pets from local animal shelters to attend the event. The residents can even bring their dogs.

By holding resident events, you can demonstrate to your residents that you are concerned about them. This will increase resident satisfaction and retention rates.

Resident events ideas can be as simple or as extravagant as you wish. From holiday parties to pool parties, there are a myriad of options to choose from.

Besides boosting resident satisfaction, resident events also help build a community atmosphere and bring building staff and tenants closer.

A potluck chili cook off can be a fall or winter event.

¬†Another idea is a pet costume party. If residents are pet lovers, you can arrange a contest and let them vote for their favorite costume. The playlist can be made for a community playlist. And it will make your staff and residents feel more appreciated. So it’s worth the time and effort to plan one!

Many Ways

There are many ways to hold corporate events that will benefit your company’s brand. These events can involve everything from employee benefits fairs to sales pitches.

Divide the group into teams and assign each team a case file.


If you’re hosting a corporate event, try to find an activity that will provide fun and a break from the daily grind. For example, you can host a sand volleyball tournament or organize a walking meeting. These events can take place in the office or out on the office grounds. Many employees spend their days in the office, so taking them out for a day of fun can go a long way.

Digital marketing 


Many companies are overwhelmed with digital marketing campaigns and SEO and forget to connect with their customers offline


A corporate event can strengthen your relationship with your customers and foster long-term loyalty.

Fun Game

A fun game that encourages employee interaction is a murder mystery game. The teams must gather information to solve the mystery. They can also come up with trivia about the workplace or details about the staff.