Experiential events can help your company promote its goodwill and inspire employees to get involved.

Online Events

Virtual events are becoming more popular. If you’re hosting an event online, make sure to set up the technology well in advance.

Online events can be a great way to promote your brand. However, you can make it easier by creating an artificial intelligence recommendation that will allow attendees to network without leaving their home.

You will need a software platform to run your virtual show. You’ll also need a number of virtual juries for each session, and you’ll need live support to monitor the progress of your virtual event.

This way, attendees can watch the replays at their own convenience and still learn more about the event. This way, you can maximize your online event and grow your business.

Virtual events can also be a great place for contests. For example, a contest could highlight the best creations or business ideas, or just entertain audience members.

In this way, the audience is more likely to get involved. Moreover, virtual events can involve audience voting, which can avoid bias and ensure unbiased decision-making. 

Some even have a panel of judges to determine the winners. Once the live event is over, the on-demand version of the event can continue to promote your brand. It can include educational and engaging topics.

A good in-store event can be a powerful marketing tool.

 Whether it is a new product launch, or an event to celebrate a special occasion, events are a great way to showcase your brand. Not only do they attract customers, but they also provide a great opportunity to meet new people in the industry.

Store Events

In-store events can be open to the public or exclusive to guests. Typically, exclusive events are intended to reward VIP customers. However, you can also host open events, which are open to all. This is more effective if your store is new, or if you want to introduce your business to new shoppers.

If you are planning an open event, make sure to promote it widely.


Consider contacting your local press and adding an event listing to your community calendar. You can also give out promotional items to guests, and you can also measure the number of people who visit your store because of the event. The best in-store events involve collaboration with other businesses. Partners can help promote your event and provide you with the additional exposure you need. The timing of your event can also have a big impact. The holidays are great times to plan an event, as shoppers are generally in a festive mood and willing to participate. Consider hosting an in-store event around a holiday such as Mother’s Day, or a Pride Month celebration. 

specific holiday


In-store events that celebrate a specific holiday will attract more shoppers, as well as attract passersby who are unfamiliar with the products you offer.


Organizing VIP events for your customers will give them an incentive to spend more money. It is a great way to reward loyal customers and encourage them to spend more.


For example, you could give your customers points for registering for memberships, or offer limited-edition gifts to early entrants.